Jordan Browne

Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Arts with Honours

Master of Arts

English, Screen and Media Studies

Key Info

  • Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Arts with Honours
  • Master of Arts
  • English
  • Screen and Media Studies

A double English/Screen and Media Studies major was a good springboard into a design career for Jordan. He's a creative type and once he'd done his Bachelor of Arts, decided to stick around and do his masters.

"Screen and media was great, because the course allowed me to pursue theory and practical in film, music, media and animation, things that aligned well with my personal interests and allowed me to explore ideas across a range of different contexts."

Jordan was awarded two scholarships to help finance his masters study and he also worked as a tutor and video production technician while he was studying. "The tutoring proved to be extremely beneficial, giving me teaching experience which helped me to get the job I'm doing now."

"University, and particularly my masters study, directly relates to what I'm doing now. Besides all the content, university taught me how to learn, and how to conceptualise and articulate ideas."

Jordan's job involves teaching a range of things, such as film studies and game theory, doing research supervision, and taking some practical classes such as 2D game development.

"My experience at Waikato was a good one, and I try to make my students' experiences good too. I try to work closely with them, get involved and invest in their ideas and projects. That's incredibly important to me."

Jordan says if you're going to study, then make sure it's something you're passionate about. "Don't do it for the sake of it or to tick a box. I wouldn't have stayed around if I wasn't captivated by everything I was learning."

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