Kate Barry

Freelance Designer

Key Info

  • Bachelor of Media and Creative Technologies
  • Media Design

When Kate Barry heard about a new degree being offered at the University of Waikato, a Bachelor of Media and Creative Technologies, she knew she had found the perfect degree for her.

"There was no other degree in the country which offered the diversity and combination of skills that Waikato had."

"The Bachelor of Media and Creative Technology degree has significant computer design and creative practice components so that students are learning at the cutting edge of new technologies and are able to experience cross-disciplinary learning and research."

During her degree Kate has gained skills in computer science, graphic design, creative technologies, screen and media studies, as well as in music.

The interconnection between the departments of Computer Science, Graphic Design, and Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Waikato, has been a key benefit of the degree for Kate. She also learned skills in web-design, 3D modelling and television production.

"We were pushed to really explore our talents," Kate says. "Music wasn't my strong point but I was able to learn the basics which really helped my film-based projects. The diversity offered is perfect for the industry I wanted to break into."

Kate currently works as a freelance designer but ultimately she is looking to become an interaction designer, a field that is itself diverse – from designing software for your cell phone to technology that has yet to be created.

"Because of the diversity of my skills I am able to apply for jobs throughout the creative industry, particularly graphic design, film and visual media positions."

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