Keerthana Suresh

Project Manager, Department of Corrections - Wellington, New Zealand

Key Info

  • Master of Business and Management

“Studying the MBM was a fantastic experience,” says Keerthana Suresh, who is now working as a project manager for the Department of Corrections.

“As an international student, I felt at home and protected at Waikato Management School.”

“The MBM course teaches you everything you need to start and run a business,” says Keerthana. “Each module in the programme is unique and delivered by highly knowledgeable staff. The MBM has taught me how to deliver the best to the business and transformed myself into a better communicator. I have learnt to question the cause and effect of every action in business.”

“The teaching and learning style at Waikato is different to India; it’s a combination of both theory and practical learning. It adds a lot of value to the knowledge that I possess now.”

Keerthana says her favourite part of the degree was the Action Learning Project, known as the ‘Dragon’s Den’, which enables students to put everything they have learnt into practice.

“My team developed a business plan from scratch and we had to utilise all the skills we'd developed during the course. We made international contacts and were ready to set the business up-and-running. We presented our plan to various business people from New Zealand. That was an amazing experience.”

“The practical experience and connections with local industry I’ve made through the MBM have been very valuable and enjoyable.”

For her major research project, Keerthana did a four-week internship at Hamilton’s Pinnacle Midlands Health Network, where she conducted a survey of around 2,000 people. “Using the feedback from the surveys, I created a baseline to implement a new care model for patients with chronic and ongoing medical conditions.”

Originally from New Delhi, India, Keerthana chose to study at Waikato Management School because of its Triple Crown Accreditation, which ensures her degree is recognised by employers across the globe.

“What makes Waikato a great place to study is the experienced faculty staff and the amount of attention every student receives from the academics. The university is warm and welcoming, and treats everyone equally,” she says.

“The student culture and atmosphere is friendly and multicultural. We had people from different walks of life with different levels of experience. We were able to learn from each and every individual.”

“There were a lot of networking events that took place during each semester. It was a brilliant platform for students to interact with recruiters and business personnel.”

“Consider it as an investment for your future, it’s the right choice to make. All you need to bring with you is the right attitude towards your studies and the rest will all fall into place.”

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