Kelly Milligan

Kelly Milligan

Bachelor of Electronic Commerce (Economics, Electronic Business)

Waikato Management School

“I'm passionate about the code that makes those awesome websites we use every day,” says Waikato graduate Kelly Milligan, who is now living and working in Amsterdam as a front-end web developer.

“Even more so when that code and a strong design vision collide to make something truly magic: those online experiences that take you from browsing to being actively engaged. There's so many cool languages out there, but JavaScript and modern CSS are where my true passion is.”

Before heading off overseas, Kelly worked at Frontend Design in Auckland as part of a talented team that produced websites for companies like Vodafone, State Insurance and Kordia.

"Working with the designers in our team we take a crazy idea and turn it into a fully functional and ground-breaking user experience,” he says.

Kelly says his BECom degree gave him the technical understanding of code, but it also taught him about other important aspects of business, such as economics, marketing and management.

“Analytical problem solving, user interaction, and the importance of a good user experience are all paramount to successful web development,” he says. “Striving for a better user experience, a more polished result, and frequent problem solving keeps me constantly learning.”

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