Laura Hines

Laura Hines

Bachelor of Science, Master of Science (Research) (Biological Sciences, Earth Sciences)

Faculty of Science and Engineering

Although Laura Hines says that University is not just about the learning, she did a lot of it while she was at the University of Waikato!  Laura completed her Bachelor of Science and Master of Science (Research) qualifications doing double majors in both and gaining first class honours in her Masters.

The connections Laura made with both students and lecturers were the highlight of her time at the University of Waikato.  She is now working alongside some of the people she studied with and is sure that her networking during her study helped her to secure her current role.

Laura is working at Tatua Cooperative Dairy Company as a Chemistry and Microbiology Laboratory Technician.  She enjoys the variety her role offers – one day she will be elbow deep in chemistry and the next in microbiology.  Laura has an important role where she tests milk powders and food products to make sure they are within specification and are the highest quality before being released to the customer.  Tatua have given Laura the opportunity to carry out a work based project to determine if improvements can be made on current processes and procedures for thermophile and aerobic plate count tests.

Laura believes that “life is all about your attitude”.  To succeed, she believes that students need to work hard, study hard, have goals and never be afraid to ask questions.

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