Lee Reichardt

Co-founder and senior product developer / Rocketspark - Cambridge, New Zealand

Key Info

  • Bachelor of Electronic Commerce
  • Digital Business

While studying for a degree in digital business at Waikato, Lee Reichardt and three of his friends started their own web design agency in Cambridge,

Their leap of faith has paid off, with Rocketspark named the most innovative 'add-on' by accounting software firm Xero at the Xerocon event in London in 2015.

“We’ve built up a good portfolio of clients, both big and small, local and international. Rocketspark is now a registered company in the UK with the plans for expand into Australia," says Lee.

The four Rocketspark directors comprise Lee Reichardt, along with brothers Grant and Jeremy Johnson, and Richard King.

“I think the idea behind Rocketspark really resonates with Xero and what they are trying to achieve by making the business process as successful, simple, streamlined and professional as possible for its clients, which is also what Rocketspark is all about but on a different scale," says Grant.

“For the past six years we've been building what is now a great and robust product, and we’re ready to start telling people about it, so the award came at just the right time."

Lee says he chose to study at Waikato because it has one of the best management schools in the country. “You may as well study at the best,” he says.

For him, practical experience was a real highlight of university, such as going on a field trip to Gallagher to see the setup of their multi-million dollar computer system.

Lee urges prospective students to treat university like a job. “Try your hardest seven days a week. Don’t fall behind as it it’s extremely difficult to catch up.”

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