Louise  Dean

Louise Dean

Master of Business Administration (Hospitality Management)

Waikato Management School

Louise Dean used to be a radio voice but has now moved into management at The Radio Network.

Based in Tauranga, Louise completed her MBA with Waikato in 2010 and not long afterwards the network promoted her to sales manager for Bay of Plenty.

“My first degree was in film and theatre, and alongside my BA I have a diploma in commercial broadcasting, but business is in my blood – my parents have always run their own business and I knew that someday I’d go down that path too.”

Louise had already spent time as promotions and events manager for The Radio Network, but realised she needed turn her hand to sales if she was to get a good overall picture of the workings of the industry.

“The MBA builds on what you already know, but for me the modules that focussed on leadership were especially valuable. Too often we take leadership cues from our own managers, but the MBA helps you discover and apply a lot of leadership techniques and strategies. You can challenge and change the norm with a lot more confidence. ”

Louise says her fellow participants were equally valuable were her fellow students. “Each one has a different background and works in a different field. That breaks you out of the tunnel vision that can easily develop if you’ve always worked in the one area.”

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