Luana Dow

Luana Dow

Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours (Economics, Marketing)

Waikato Management School

Mathematically gifted, Luana Dow works as an analyst at Statistics New Zealand in Wellington, where she writes press releases about the latest labour and income statistics.

“The best part of my job is turning numbers into a story that can easily be understood by the public and the media, and anyone else who needs to understand what the numbers really mean," says Luana, who is originally from Te Awamutu.

Luana completed a Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) degree at Waikato Uni in 2012, majoring in Economics and Marketing.

“If you’re looking to gain knowledge in a range of business subjects, the BMS degree will suit you.”

“From my experience, a lot of what you will learn in your economics papers is really useful and applies to what you will eventually do in the workplace. Giving lots of class presentations at uni was a lot of help. The strategic management papers were also really valuable, as they give you a broader knowledge of business.”

These skills turned out to be very useful for Luana when she was asked to lead one of Statistics New Zealand’s media lock-up sessions - even though it felt scary at the time.

Luana says one of the highlights of her degree was doing a four-month summer internship at Statistics New Zealand.

“I worked on a couple of small research projects; one was looking at foreign investments for the balance payments team, and the other was looking at international best practice for national accounts.”

“The internship gave me an idea of what it was like to work for a big organisation and enabled me to learn skills that I wouldn’t have learnt in lectures. I really enjoyed working here and it fitted well with what I was studying at the time."

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