Matthias Balzat

Matthias Balzat

Bachelor of Music (Music)

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Matthias has been playing the cello since he was three years old. The former Wentworth College student is only 16 and is in his third year of his Bachelor of Music.

In 2013, he won a number of prestigious competitions, such as the National Chamber Music Competition with two other members, and also the American Protege Competition. He won first equal prize in the National Concerto Competition at the beginning of the 2014 as well as receiving Blues Awards in 2014 and 2015. He was the First Prize winner with his chamber group in the Waikato Chamber Competition last year, and was a finalist with the same group in the ROSL (Royal-Over Seas League) Scholarship Competition. He was the winner of PACANZ (Performing Arts Competition Association of New Zealand), and later in the year was awarded second place in the Gisborne International Music Competition.

This is Matthias' third year of being part of the Hillary Scholarship Program, and it has helped him get through not only his studies, but also aided many challenges that he faced. The Program provided many opportunities for Matthias to grow as a leader amongst many people, to aspire to the many qualities that Sir Edmond Hillary had as he faced every one of his inspiring challenges.

"I wouldn't be the leader I am today without the Sir Edmund Hillary Scholarship."


Sir Edmund Hillary Scholarship

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