Mekayla Peneha

Bachelor of Health

Poutū-Manahau Population Health

Key Info

  • Bachelor of Health
  • Poutū-Manahau Population Health

Ngāpuhi, Ngāti Maniapoto, Te Rarawa, Ngāti Kahu

Mekayla Peneha feels like the Bachelor of Health (BHealth) in Poutū-Manahau Population Health was tailor-made for her as it encompasses and weaves together both her passions - health and her culture, te ao Māori.

“I love my people and I want to serve them. I’ve always been fascinated with hauora and have always wanted better health outcomes for my people,” Mekayla says.

Enrolling at the University of Waikato because it was “just down the road” and had a “strong sense of Māori culture”, Mekayla says the BHealth has been developed to address the growing demand for a workforce that can contribute to the health sector.

Passionate about fertility issues, Mekayla wants to use her degree to help families in this space.

“Being Māori, having large families is a normal way of living. However, what about whānau that are struggling to extend and add pēpi (babies) to their families?

“This degree has set me up for success because it’s related to my why and keeps me engaged.”

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