Mercedes Isasmendi Escudero

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade scholarship

Key Info

  • Master of Business and Management

When biochemist Mercedes Isasmendi Escudero wanted to progress her career beyond the laboratory in Argentina, she sought help from the University of Waikato.

Originally from Buenos Aires, Mrs Isasmendi Escudero was the recipient of a Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Scholarship to the university, to study her Master of Business Management.

Her year has been so successful, she recently received a University of Waikato Management School medal for academic excellence.

“I am a biochemist and after seven years of working in a laboratory environment, I started to feel interested in working in other areas of a company. I realised to do that, I needed to gain new skills and new insights into how companies work in our highly globalised world,” said Mrs Isasmendi Escudero.

She believed studying business and management would give her the edge she needed.

Mrs Isasmendi Escudero asked other students and advisors where they recommended studying.

She said the Waikato Management School came highly recommended and she also found out about the MFAT Scholarship and applied, winning a scholarship to complete her studies in New Zealand.

“I am really grateful for the generous MFAT Scholarship. The MFAT Scholarship provided me with everything I needed to focus solely on my studies without having to worry about anything else.”

She said she felt well taken care of by MFAT and the university’s international advisors the whole time she was in New Zealand. The scholarship program also allowed her to travel with her husband who was able to work.

“It was fantastic from every point of view,” she said.

Mrs Isasmendi Escudero said she found the campus infrastructure excellent and the university was full of life and activities to do all the time and everywhere.

“There is a strong sense of family and belonging that I felt from the start. Most of all, I loved the support I got from tutors, teachers, student advisors and even from the master´s authorities.”

And she credits their help with successfully completing her studies which saw her receive one of 10 Management School medals, awarded each year for academic excellence.

Mrs Isasmendi Escudero said there were challenging times during her study, but it also helped her develop her personal skills, one of the most valuable lessons she took away from her studies.

“I loved most of the papers and topics of study. However, I had times when I felt overwhelmed by group work, because that always implicated working with classmates from all over the world, with different backgrounds and most of all, with different motivations and drives than me. Nevertheless, I realise today that dealing with those problems was the driving force in developing my personal skills and is one of the most valuable learnings that I took from the programme.”

Mrs Isasmendi Escudero has returned to Bueno Aires and says she is now focused on finding a role with a company that helps develop scientific-based start-ups.

“I want to be able to contribute to good ideas becoming a reality and generate a positive impact on communities and the environment. My time at the University of Waikato has certainly set me on the right path to make that a reality.”

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