Michelle Murray

Michelle Murray

Master of Business Administration

Waikato Management School

Since she began work in the health sector more than 10 years ago, Michelle Murray has notched up an impressive resume. Since completing the MBA in 2012, she has been promoted to Chief Executive of Eastern Bay Primary Health Alliance.

Michelle worked at the Maori health provider Te Manu Toroa for more than five years in human resource management, quality and project management.

She then moved to the Bay of Plenty District Health Board, firstly as the portfolio manager for primary care in the Maori health planning and funding team, before consolidating her knowledge from her previous two roles by moving to the mainstream planning and funding team as the portfolio manager for primary care.

Michelle enjoyed her work life and the challenges it brought her; she began thinking about how an MBA qualification might aid her future ambitions.

"In my mind there were two reasons to gain an MBA. First, to be exposed to a wide range of managerial and leadership tools that could be utilised within my management role. And second, to position myself ahead of others when applying for higher roles like chief executive."

With an active family and work life, it was convenient for Michelle that Waikato University offered her the flexibility of completing the first two years of the MBA programme in Tauranga, where she is based.

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