Morgan Paul

Office Administrator, DeLaval - Hamilton, New Zealand

Key Info

  • Bachelor of Social Sciences
  • Industrial Relations
  • Human Resource Management

Based in Hamilton, DeLaval is the world’s largest developer, manufacturer and provider of dairy farming solutions, operating in 100 countries, and Waikato graduate Morgan is responsible for the overall office administration for the senior management team at DeLaval Oceania.

Morgan’s majors were in Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management, and Psychology.

“I’ve always had an interest in the work environment and workplace relations. And my degree was flexible enough that I could learn more about people and working, and then ultimately turning my study into a career path. Psychology gave me another useful perspective.”

No doubt about it, Morgan’s university study helped her secure the job at DeLaval and she feels privileged to work there.

“Alongside the academic and technical knowledge, my degree gave me a range of skills, such as open mindedness and learning to work with a diverse range of people, and that’s very important for working in today’s society. I liked the fact we had guest speakers in our lectures who gave us insights into real-life situations.

“The papers I chose also gave me a chance to work in the field and visit HR managers to talk to them about the tasks and challenges that they face every day.”

In time, Morgan is keen to become an HR manager herself, and she relishes the opportunities she’ll get working for a global organisation in an industry she’s become passionate about.

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