Nadine Parata

National Distribution Manager, Ballance Agri-Nutrients - Tauranga, New Zealand

Key Info

  • Master of Business Administration

A Waikato MBA was just what Nadine Parata, National Distribution Manager at Ballance Agri-Nutrients by day and Tauranga-based mother of two by night, felt she needed to boost her career.

Nadine wanted to aim for senior positions at Ballance, so after researching her options, she found that the Waikato Management School offered reputable and flexible postgraduate study options that would work with her commitments. In 2015, she started her Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies at home in Tauranga, before continuing on to complete her MBA in Hamilton.

“Balancing travelling the country for work, spending time with family, and studying has been a challenge, but nothing that is worth doing is going to be easy – and the MBA is definitely worth it.”

For Nadine, what made the MBA such a great experience was the people, especially the lecturers and her fellow students. “The teaching staff are all fantastic and do a great job of challenging your thinking but the true gold comes from working with other students in the class. Group work is always a challenge but the lessons you learn are invaluable, especially within the diverse group of students in the MBA.”

Academic director for Waikato Management School Executive Education Dr Heather Connolly highlights the focus on leadership and innovation as a strength of the programme. “Our students go on to become change-makers and disruptors in their field as a result of the emphasis we place on innovative thinking and drawing insights from exposure to international business cases.”

Self-development and soft skills such as leadership and emotional intelligence are key threads underpinning the Waikato MBA. This focus fit well with Nadine, a self-described ‘leader on a journey of self-discovery’ who is continuously curious about how she can improve herself and the world she lives in.

From the first paper in her MBA programme, Nadine had taken the practical learnings back to her role, which is focussed on connecting, developing, and encouraging her wider Ballance team to do their best. “The practical elements of the programme have been so valuable. I’m already applying what I’ve learnt in class every day at work.”

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