Nick Kemp

Chief Executive, Wild Bamboo - Hamilton, New Zealand

Key Info

Te Uri-o Hau

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies

Coming from the IT industry and with a passion for learning new things, Nick Kemp chose to throw himself wholeheartedly into a postgraduate business qualification at Waikato Management School.

“The three directors of the company I previously worked for have all completed their MBAs at Waikato and spoke highly of their experience," says Nick.

The MBA is a widely recognised qualification, and the Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies is a good ‘first step’ in working towards that.”

“I really enjoyed the in-class presentations and smaller assignments which came with the PGDip. I’m normally pretty reserved, so I really enjoyed getting to meet and work with new people," he says.

“I aim to apply the knowledge gained through my time with Waikato Management School, combined with my strong technical background, to offer significant value to businesses throughout Waikato, Auckland and New Zealand.”

After completing his PGDipMgtSt with Distinction in 2015, Nick embraced a new role as Chief Innovation Officer at The Wise Group, with a strong focus on technology and exploring new products and services.

A few years later he was promoted to Chief Operations Officer, with a focus on delivering IT, communications, design, development and operations support to the wider Wise Group family of organisations.

In 2019, Nick stepped into the Chief Executive role at Wild Bamboo, a software development company that works with community organisations in New Zealand, Australia and the UK.

"I believe that data can drive positive change, and I thrive on connecting people and their ideas or problems with meaningful solutions," he says. "We deliver smart information systems that strengthen our customers’ performance and impact."

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