Nicola Daisley

Business Operations Manager, Bay Radiology - Tauranga, New Zealand

Key Info

  • Master of Business Administration

Nicola Daisley's career journey began as a medical imaging technologist; something she is still passionate about.

But she has spent the last 10 years managing business operations at Bay Radiology in Tauranga; a growing healthcare organisation.

When she was first promoted to this senior leadership role, Nicola Daisley sought an opportunity to enhance her education in the field of management.

"I knew that moving into a management role from a technical background would present challenges. So to ensure ongoing career success, it was imperative that I further my management education," she says.

For Nicola, her four-year Waikato MBA experience was extremely rewarding and has helped her achieve what she set out to do.

"Many of the assignments for the MBA were very practical in nature, and provided the ability to adapt and apply what was learnt back into the workplace."

"The knowledge I gained and the talented people I met made the entire process incredibly valuable."

"The sharing of knowledge and experiences from the variety of industries was an important part of the learning process and helped provide greater insight into the broader business environment."

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