Rachael Mya Chaitika

Bachelor of Communication

Public Relations, Creative Media

Key Info

  • Bachelor of Communication
  • Public Relations
  • Creative Media

Halfway through her Bachelor of Communication, Rachael Mya Chaitika has started building relationships and networks with experienced professionals.

Enrolling at the University of Waikato because of its support, campus culture and ability to study with like-minded people, Mya says university life has “opened so many doors to network and explore potential avenues” in her career.

As part of her interdisciplinary degree, Mya says Creative Media has taught her hands-on skills, including creating podcasts and using design to communicate cultural experiences.

Mya’s favourite assignment was in the paper PUBRL201 Media Relations and Publicity, where students are tasked with hosting a mock press conference, being interviewed by journalists as if they were real public relations professionals, and writing a news story.

“I’ve also had the opportunity to start a podcast through Nexus Media, and network with organisations. I’ve also learned how the public relations industry functions through industry trips organised by the Management Communication Students’ Association (MCSA).

“Starting relationships early and learning from experienced professionals has definitely given me an advantage.”

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