Rashmi Singh

Master of Business and Management

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  • Master of Business and Management

Originally from New Delhi in India, Rashmi Singh has worked in IT sales and customer service roles across in Russia, India and New Zealand.

Before moving to New Zealand, she was employed as a technical support associate for IBM in Bangalore, India.

Rashmi says the Triple Crown Accreditation was an important factor in her decision to study at Waikato Management School.

"Some of my family members had visited Waikato University while travelling in New Zealand and they had spoken to some professors who had great stories about their alumni students. The University of Waikato has a good reputation in the area as well."

"I choose the MBM because it was a one-year comprehensive  management course. I hoped to understand the workings of all aspects of the business environment and develop myself to be a business leader in the future."

"My previous degree was in engineering and I thought doing a masters in business would help me expand my chances of getting employment."

"I totally enjoyed my university life. Waikato has a beautiful campus and the management staff are very supportive; they made everything quite easy for me to begin with."

"We had some great professors who made classes fun and educational at the same time. Doing presentations and working with different groups of people was a challenge for me in the beginning, but it kept getting better with time. I had all the support I needed to do a good job."

"What I learned was how to work outside my comfort zone and get results. I learned how to work in a team and help each other to move forward, and how to resolve conflict within a team through better communication."

"The MBM was not just about getting a certificate saying you have a Master of Business and Management, but also about becoming a better leader and respecting people views. It made me into a person who is more welcoming to change now than what I used to be."

Rashmi says her business internship gave her a window to the business world in New Zealand.

"It played a big role in helping me get my first job in New Zealand, and also helped me build up my own professional network and get a good reference from the company. My mentor was extremely supportive about my work, he made me feel like a part of the team and encouraged me to come up with my own ideas and implement them. This was definitely a boost to my confidence."

"Clubs and events in the university give ample opportunities to network and meet different people from different countries. Assignments helped me challenge myself and get results."

"It certainly looks good on the CV to have a qualification from University of Waikato. It was recognized by the people interviewing me as well. It has helped me to grow professionally and personally. It has made me a confident leader. It has given me a whole new outlook towards the world of business that I can use in my work now."

Rashmi says she would definitely recommend the Waikato MBM degree to others.

"Waikato is a great university which is highly regarded, has brilliant staff, a beautiful campus, a huge library to learn anything you wish, and offers many activities and events to help students enjoy campus life to the fullest. A whole ocean of opportunities to learn and grow!"

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