Razel Blaza

Product manager, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare - Auckland

Key Info

  • Master of Business and Management
  • Bachelor of Science (Technology)

With a biology degree and experience as a research technician under her belt, Razel Blaza felt it was time to ditch the white lab coat and launch a new career for herself in the business world.

"I wanted to do work that was more people-focused and involve myself in the commercial aspects of an organisation," says Razel. "I knew I'd have to do more study, and the one-year Master of Business and Management at Waikato University really fit the bill.”

“It exposed me to a variety of management subjects in a short time. The degree work was intensive, but the classes were small and it meant subjects were covered in depth.”

“As a group the class became quite close and we encouraged each other during times of pressure – like when deadlines were approaching."

Razel found herself drawn towards marketing, strategy and entrepreneurship; although she also enjoyed learning about organisational culture, economics and sustainability. “We had a lot of time for discussion and debate, not just with our classmates but with lecturers too, and I became quite passionate about certain issues."

Since graduating, she’s loving her new career in sales and marketing in Auckland - initially for Johnson & Johnson, and now for Fisher & Paykel Healthcare. Both roles have drawn on her prior experience of working in the medical, scientific and retail industries.

"The combination of my science and business degrees really stood out for employers. It’s given me a real edge in the workforce and opened many doors, as it demonstrates both technical and business aptitude," says Razel.

“I enjoy working with customers, clients and staff to ensure everyone I deal with feels valued, whilst exceeding targets and collaborating with others to complete projects."

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