Riki Lewis

Soil Scientist, Queensland Government - Australia

Key Info

  • Master of Science
  • Earth Sciences

For Riki Lewis, studying Earth Sciences at Waikato has led to an exciting job as a Soil Scientist with the Queensland Government.

“Currently I’m in charge of running an experiment in which we’re trying to validate a new experimental method against an older, more trusted method. The validation experiment involves running a machine which analyses greenhouse gasses (GHG) at very low concentrations. I then collect and process the meteorological data.”

The government will use this data to help determine an acceptable level of GHG emissions from feed lots and to set a limit from which farmers will begin to pay carbon tax on.

Riki moved straight onto tertiary study following his teenage years at Cambridge High School.

While studying he attended conferences in New Zealand and Australia, which gave him one on one contact with industry – a valuable bonus when looking for jobs later in his career.

As for study advice? “Study what you find interesting. Subjects you are interested in will be more enjoyable and you’ll do better in them. If you’re unsure about anything, just ask. Lecturers and support staff at Waikato are excellent.”

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