Ryan Lee

Master of Science

Earth Sciences

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  • Master of Science
  • Earth Sciences

The opportunity to spend plenty of time getting hands-on experience in laboratories and out in the field made Waikato University’s BSc the ideal choice for Ryan Lee.

“Many of the field trips took me to exciting places which I would never previously have had the opportunity to visit, ranging from volcanoes to the inside of hydroelectric dams and power stations.”

During his undergraduate degree, Ryan learnt about a range of Earth Sciences-related topics, including soils, volcanology, geology, engineering geology, environmental monitoring, geochemistry, geographic information systems and hydrology.

The enthusiasm he developed for the subject drew him back for a Master of Science, which he has just begun. Within his masters he’s studying a variety of Earth science related papers as well as some chemistry and GIS papers.

“I’m really interested in geology and geochemistry, and I’m hoping that an MSc will help me to gain a top job in a geology company.”

Ryan says his BSc has already helped him to gain science-related work. “Over summer I worked in a lab where I used X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy to undertake chemical analyses of rock samples.”

A former Thames High School, Ryan chose to study at Waikato because of the university’s great reputation and its close proximity to his home town.

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