Scott Henderson

Business Development Manager, New Zealand Educational Tours - Tauranga

Key Info

  • Master of Education
  • Education

Scott Henderson has had a long-term involvement with University of Waikato, he completed an undergraduate degree in languages in the 1990s and returned twenty years later to complete a Master of Education.

Scott has used his qualifications to work within both education and tourism. “I love getting out and about and meeting tourism industry professionals, passionate education managers and awesome, enthusiastic international students, but most of all taking them on what is often the best experience so far in their young lives.”

Scott says, "My degree provided me with understanding and insights into research and decision-making processes, which cross over into many areas of business. My time at Waikato taught me academic rigor which can be applied in many aspects of my professional career."

HIs advice to research students is, "Choose a topic you are passionate about, then someone else will be equally as passionate about reading the results.

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