Sean McKenna

Vice-President, GCSE Funding - United States of America

Key Info

  • Master of Management Studies
  • Finance

“If a boy from Koromatua can make it on Wall Street with the world’s best investment firm, then anyone can do it,” says Waikato graduate Sean McKenna.

Sean moved to the United States in April 2011 to take up a role in hedge funds at investment banking firm Goldman Sachs, after completing a Master of Management Studies with first class honours, majoring in Finance.

“The Kiwi can-do attitude is always valued, especially in the USA, and the Waikato culture has helped me advance faster than normal within the ranks in my position,” says Sean, who attended school at Church College in Hamilton.

In 2015, he was promoted to the role of vice-president of GCSE funding, managing a team responsible for analysing client positions; providing strategic advice on firms’ balance sheets, financing, and portfolio diversification.

Sean says he chose to study a business degree at Waikato Management School because of its “exceptional” finance department.

“It’s an amazing opportunity. I’ve proved that if you dream big, Waikato can open up any door and provide you with a solid foundation to achieve on both the national and international stage.”

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