Shoshana Sachi

Producer - Doom Patrol, Warner Bros. - Los Angeles, USA

Key Info

  • Bachelor of Arts with Honours
  • Screen and Media Studies
  • English
  • Sir Edmund Hillary Scholarship

Shoshana came to study at the University of Waikato for a few reasons. The campus was close to her family and she could study what she was passionate about. Discovering a beautiful campus was a bonus for her.

During her time at Waikato, she enjoyed the film studies papers that involved practical work including cinematography, editing and lighting. It was these skills that helped her develop foundations in film and screenwriting. Shoshana graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with majors in English and Screen and Media Studies and worked as a staff writer for a television show, Doom Patrol (Warner Bros.) in Los Angeles and has since become the producer of the show.

She says, "We map out the season and then hone in on episodes. From there, we break an episode ‘beat by beat’. If I'm assigned an episode to write, it involves everything, from researching to writing the outline and screenplay. Eventually when the episode is shot, I fly to set and work closely with the director, the various different departments and the actors to ensure our vision is delivered in the best way possible."

It's a job she loves. "I enjoy every process of bringing our vibrant characters to life – from page to screen."

She has great advice for students who are thinking of a career in the industry. "My experience has been that education is key. For me, learning the foundations of screenwriting at Waikato and learning intensively about what it means to work in the industry at UCLA gave me the building blocks I needed to begin my journey."

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