Sky (Ziqi) Ma

Bachelor of Social Work

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  • Bachelor of Social Work

Sky chose to study the Bachelor of Social Work at the Tauranga campus because it was  home to him and the degree is a good degree. "The degree itself was a highlight for me. The past four years were a real eye-opening experience and I gained a deeper understanding of myself and contemporary New Zealand society.

"Going on placement was a highlight where I was able to utilise all the skills and knowledge that I learnt at the University. I got an insight of what is like to be a social worker at a non-governmental organisation and a statutory organisation which helped me to decide the career path that I want to choose in the future."

Sky had to work extra hard in his course with Enlgish as his second language. "I was the only Chinese international student, the only student with English as a second language, the only male in the class and one of the youngest students. I learnt how to mingle with people much older than me which will help in my career."

"My time at Waikato has definitely shaped who I am today. It has helped me to become a critical thinker, be less judgmental, and has enhanced my skills to help me be a better co-worker."

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