Srishti Kaur

Fashion designer and business owner - Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand

Key Info

  • Graduate Diploma
  • Marketing

Every day, Srishti Kaur heads to her parents’ garage and gets lost in the art of dressmaking. She’s the powerhouse behind Srishti Kaur Designs, a Hamilton-based fashion design business specialising in bespoke bridal and evening gowns.

After establishing her skills with a fashion qualification, Srishti worked for a bridal company for two years. There, she realised her passion for gowns and took the leap to venture out on her own.

However, she soon realised she needed to understand the fundamentals of business to start her own company, and opted to study for a Graduate Diploma in Marketing at the University of Waikato's Management School in 2016.

“The course helped me to think about my business, Srishti Kaur Designs, from a fresh viewpoint rather than solely from the perspective of fashion, because that’s something I definitely needed help with," she says.

"I’ve also used valuable lessons from our digital marketing class, which has helped me with web presence and Google Analytics. I learnt about different types of business models and strategies applied to various settings too.”

As a sole business operator, Srishti handles it all – from client meetings, designing, and pattern-making to construction, fittings, and marketing. “It does get very hectic but the happiness and excitement I see on my client’s faces when they try their perfect gown on, really makes it all worth it!”

After appearing at Vancouver Fashion Week and debuting at New Zealand Fashion Week in 2018, Srishti’s career is soaring ahead.

In the future, she’s looking forward to growing her business and upgrading from her parents' garage to a proper studio space.

“I really feel like I need a physical space to finish off that customer experience well. I want to continue providing a high quality product, paired with high quality service. Ultimately, I want Srishti Kaur Designs to be synonymous with elegance.”

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