Wietske Olthuis

Private groups account manager - Haka Tours - Auckland

Key Info

  • Bachelor of Tourism
  • Diploma in Management
  • Tourism Management
  • Marketing
  • Events Management

Wietske Olthuis’ passions for New Zealand and tourism have combined in an exciting sales role as private group accounts manager at Haka Tours in the Bay of Plenty.

Every day, she gets to dabble in a variety of tourism functions including customer care, marketing, social media, and problem-solving.

Studying for a bachelor's degree with a double major in Tourism Management and Marketing has equipped Wietske with a broad skillset of teamwork, communication, and a strong business acumen.

“My studies gave me an array of skills across different aspects of management, from communication right through to finance. These can be applied to so many areas of everyday working life and have helped me gain a comprehensive understanding of all the variables that work together to make a business tick.”

As well as being a rich ground for learning experiences, Wietske’s job also allows her to explore different areas of tourism that she is passionate about, such as accessible tourism and sustainability.

“One thing in particular that I strive to incorporate more in New Zealand tourism is the need for more accessible tourism, which is a movement I wasn't aware of prior to attending university. Tourism is something that should be everyone should be able to participate in, no matter their access requirements or other challenges they may face."

"Another recurring theme during my studies that has translated into real life practice is sustainable tourism. I am lucky enough to work for a company that has a strong focus on sustainable practices to ensure that tourism destinations are not compromised and will be enjoyed by future generations.”

As Wietske continues building her experience with the goal of managing her own tourism business one day, she fondly remembers her time at university, especially the support network.

“The support I received from lecturers and staff was also a highlight of my university experience and really helped me to gain the confidence within myself to excel. All the lecturers I had throughout my degree had a real passion for what they were teaching. This was infectious and helped me to really engage in my learning.”

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