Summer School

Want to fast-track your degree, catch up or try something new? Summer school is a great opportunity to get ahead.

Summer School is the perfect opportunity to explore a new subject that interests you, or pick up a few extra papers and finish your degree faster. If you're enrolled at another university, you can also study a summer paper at Waikato and credit it back to your degree elsewhere. And best of all, when you study over summer, you can keep getting your Studylink assistance as well.

Some papers are also taught online (NET), and you might even be eligible for Fees-free!

For questions about how to enrol, phone 0800 WAIKATO

G Teaching Period

13th November 2023 — 15th December 2023

C Trimester

13th November 2023 — 9th February 2024

H Teaching Period

3rd January 2024 — 9th February 2024

Explore your options

Qualifications you can start this Summer

Business qualifications:

** These quals are offered part-time only from 13 Nov to 17 Dec 2023; then your studies will recommence on 26 Feb 2024.

Education qualifications: