SDG #8 Work and Economic Growth

Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all

Generous sick, annual and maternity leave and flexible working provisions for staff

Internships a vital component of undergraduate study so students are work-ready when they graduate

Home of world-leading economists and other business experts within the Waikato Management School

While a significant reduction in international students has challenged us in recent times, we remain focused on our people in the face of our new reality. We know the local business community is also facing huge challenges and we are committed to supporting them where we can.  We are especially proud of our thought leaders within the Waikato Management School, who are helping provide a roadmap for economic recovery in New Zealand and our Work Integrated Learning team who have worked tirelessly to ensure the success of our student internships despite the disruptions to working life.

A few things we are especially proud of

Our smooth and swift transition to online working, teaching and learning when lockdown hit.

Our commitment to tackling institutionalised racism in our workplace.

Our MBA programme centered around frameworks, leadership and value creation.

Our world-leading business experts in areas like economics and supply chain management  helping provide a roadmap for economic recovery in NZ.

Our Work Integrated Learning programme which provides wrap-around support to see placements succeed in these unpredictable times.

Our strong connections with industry and the business community.

working from home

The hard mahi behind the smooth transition to online working and learning

The abrupt move into lockdown in March 2020 saw the University transition to online teaching and working within a week.  This presented a huge challenge for the IT Services team as large numbers of staff were suddenly forced to become heavy users of unfamiliar online tools like Panopto (a lecture recording platform) and Zoom. We are enormously proud of their efforts which minimised the disruption for our people during what was a particularly stressful time.


Nurturing socially responsible leaders for a stronger Waikato 

We are proud to be the delivery partner of the Community and Enterprise Leadership Foundation, CELF, a trust that delivers leadership development programmes aimed at building a stronger Waikato by nurturing socially responsible leaders through sponsored placements.

Night lights

Using night lights data for economic modelling

Professor John Gibson discovered a more reliable form of night lights data that is significantly better in helping economists detect economic activity in cities and regions around the world where on-the-ground statistics are hard to come by.  This discovery means policy makers and governments will be able to more accurately plan and map the effects of natural disasters in urban and rural areas for instance.


A close look at the burgeoning AirBnB economy

Professor Chris Ryan explored the impacts of a growing AirBnB industry on permanent residents in the small coastal town of Raglan, where housing stress is high and more and more homes are owned by people who live out of town and choose to chase higher returns from temporary holiday lets.