SDG #9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation

Fastest growing engineering school in NZ offering the full range of accredited degree programmes

Dedicated team supporting our researchers to take their innovations to the world

Strong industry connections and wrap-around support for student work placements

At Waikato, creativity and innovation is in our DNA. This means we attract the brightest minds who share our commitment to creating a community where big, bold ideas can be safely tested. We pride ourselves on our strong connections with industry which enable our students to apply their knowledge while they progress in their studies and our academic staff the ability to advance their research in real-world settings.  At Waikato, sustainability is our default setting, woven meaningfully through our programmes so our graduates enter the workforce with the skills and mindsets needed to realise a more sustainable future in their respective industries.

Some things we are especially proud of

Our accredited Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) degree programmes, led by passionate experts and sustainability champions and growing year on year.

Our robotics and machine learning experts working side-by-side with industry to find high-tech solutions to challenges facing the horticultural and agricultural sectors.

Our interdisciplinary team of researchers dedicated to innovative solutions that increase resilience and sustainability of the built environment in Aotearoa.

Our researchers in the School of Engineering who secured $12.5m in MBIE funding in 2020 to help big industry transition to renewable energy for process heat using digital twin technology.


Waikato Engineering Design Show

This annual Engineering Design Show is the flagship event of the School of Engineering and allows industry to see firsthand how our students are excelling in designing, building and testing new products, structures and solutions for the real world.


Taking our research to the world 

We have a dedicated Research & Enterprise Office focused on creating value from research discoveries and innovation. The team works with both University researchers and external partners, including government, industry and community organisations, to extend research capability and broaden partnership opportunities that foster collaborative research, the implementation of research findings, and knowledge and technology transfer.

man with briefcase

Fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in business 

As reflected in its academic offerings, the Waikato Management School is underscored by a commitment to innovation - advancing innovation and entrepreneurial practice, developing leaders with a passion and expertise in leading innovation, and enabling individuals and organisations to succeed through the power of innovation.  They also have a distinctive presence at our Tauranga campus where they apply this expertise to areas like emerging export-oriented industries, agri-technology, and marine systems.

3D printer

A high-tech solution for the safe farming of a high-value sea clam

In true multidisciplinary fashion, students from our School of Engineering joined forces with our coastal marine experts on an entrepreneurial project that was chosen as a finalist in the Callaghan Innovation C-Prize. The team's proposal centered around reviving the endangered Toheroa, a sea clam that is endemic to New Zealand, using 3D printed moulds made from recycled plastic.  Toheroa is highly sought after in culinary circles but is now endangered so this sustainable solution will help revive the species and create a high-value food product to meet demand.

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Staying one step ahead of the hackers 

The safety of our online lives has been brought into sharp focus in recent times with sophisticated cybersecurity events bringing a number of large organisations to a standstill and compromising personal data on a massive scale. We are proud to have been on the cutting edge of cybersecurity research for many years and recently have seen great progress with our spin-off company First Watch which develops and licenses cybersecurity software for industrial control systems. The company secured investment to the value of about $3.2 million in 2020 from investors in CTEK Ltd to take the first product from proof-of-concept to first sale.