Centre for Tertiary Teaching and Learning staff


Dr E. Marcia Johnson

Student Learning

The Student Learning team provides a University-wide service to support students' academic learning needs. We actively seek opportunities to collaborate with staff to embed appropriate and effective learning development opportunities within faculties, and we also work closely with the Library. Our overall goal is to help students acquire the skills, knowledge and attributes to become independent, successful learners.

Andrea Haines, Senior Tutor

Lucy Campbell, Senior Tutor

Katherine Gilliver-Brown, Senior Tutor

Dawn Marsh, Senior Tutor

Dr Maryam Mariya, Senior Tutor

Dr Shazre Sarfraz, Senior Tutor

Mere Taito, Senior Tutor

Ian Wagstaff, Senior Tutor

Marie-Christine Wells, Senior Tutor

Vicky Young, Senior Tutor

Centre Administration

Lissa Smith, Centre Administrator

Manjit Kaur, Administrative Assistant


Craig Gilliver, Evaluations Coordinator

Rahat Hasan, Evaluations Assistant

Teaching Development

Clementine Annabell, eLearning Designer

Stephen Bright, eLearning Designer

Charlotte Ferry-Parker, Senior Tutor

Victor Fester, eLearning Designer

Tracey Morgan, Digital Literacy Advisor

Dr Lynne Parmenter, Senior Lecturer

Nigel Robertson, eLearning Designer

Brenda Simmons, eLearning Systems Administrator

Student-Athlete Support Hub

Emma Fox, Academic Programme Lead