Clarity software for  English language learners

University of Waikato students and staff can login to use the online English language resources:
Online resources

  • Clarity Active Reading - contains video, passages for reading, short answer questions & vocabulary lists.
  • Clarity Practical Writing for life - includes essay writing; stages, job applications, emails, graphs & reports, plagiarism, taking notes, text speak and official letters.
  • Clarity Tense Buster - 33 grammar areas (simple present to phrasal verbs).
  • Clarity Study Skills Success - critical thinking, avoid plagiarism, research, reading, writing, listening (to lectures), speaking (seminars) & grammar.
  • Clarity Road to IELTS - ebooks for question type on reading, writing, speaking & listening, tutorials and interactive activities modelled on the real IELTS test papers.
  • Clarity Clear Pronunciation 2 -  43 sounds in English can be learnt in clearly understandable speech. Consonant clusters, word stress, sentence stress, connected speech and intonation are covered. Also, Australian, British, North American pronunciation models can be chosen with multiple accents.

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