Graphic Design: Corporate Identity

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What are Noun Phrases?

The majority of nouns in academic writing are actually in the form of noun phrases, rather than single stand-alone nouns. By combining a noun with other words, such as an adverb, an adjective, or another noun, the noun phrase will convey more meaning in the sentence and create a more concise sentence..  As you complete the activity below you notice the various examples.

Visual marks had been used for identification for centuries. In medieval times, proprietary marks were compulsory and enabled the guilds to control trade. By the 1700s virtually every trader and dealer had a trademark or stamp. The Industrial Revolution, with its mass manufacturing and marketing, increased the value and importance of trademarks for visual identification. But the visual identification systems that began during the 1950s went far beyond trademarks or symbols. The national and multinational scope of many corporations made it difficult for them to maintain a cohesive image, but by unifying all communications from a given organization into a consistent design system, such an image could be projected, and the design system enlisted to help accomplish specific corporate goals.


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