Affect | effect

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Affect and effect are often confused because their meanings are so similar. Technically it works like this: affect (spelled with an 'a') is a verb, and effect (spelled with an 'e') is a noun (most of the time).

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1. Insert either 'affect' or 'effect' to finish the sentnce to make it logical and correct.
The customer's reaction towards him had a surprising ______ on his ability to talk with her.

Why: The meaning is about the "influence" that something has on something. The sentence structure calls for a noun (and 'effect' is a noun).

2. Decide whether it should be affect (the verb) or effect (the noun) in the sentences below

i) The horrible weather had no ______ on anyone at the beach; they all went swimming anyway.

❍ affect ❍ effect

ii) This delay at the train station will ______ the passenger scheduling for the whole day.

❍ affect ❍ effect

iii) Scientists continue to study the _____ of household products on animals.

❍ affect ❍ effect

iv) Side effects are how medications _____ us in unintended ways.

❍ affect ❍ effect

i) effect (that was a tricky one) ii) affect iii) effect iv) affect
Why: In these sentences "affect" appears where a verb (or verb combination) is needed, and "effect" in the place of a noun.
In sentence i) the verb is "had no affect", and in sentence ii) the verb is "will affect".

3. Decide if the sentence below has used 'effects' correctly
The teacher thought that one way to run an exciting science experiment would be to observe the effects of soda drinks on the students. She was wrong. Correct ❍ Incorrect ❍

Why: In the sentence the teacher is observing some things (noun), so 'effects' is the correct choice because 'effect' is a noun.

4. Below are two sentences. Are they correct or incorrect? Choose the option that is the most accurate. Hint: This item refers to the section in the lesson aboutrare exceptions.
Sentence 1: The present government has effected many positive changes. Sentence 2: The present government has affected many citizens through their positive changes.
❍ i) Both sentences are correct.
❍ ii) Neither sentence is correct.
❍ iii) One sentence is correct

ii) Both sentences are correct
Why: This is a very rare useage that you are unlikely to encounter except possibly in old texts or very formal or specialist academic texts.
Sentence 1 is about the government's accomplishment.
Sentence 2 is about how the government's actions impacted on the attitudes of the people.