Bought | brought

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Brought and bought are both the past simple and past participle forms of their respective (irregular) verbs, (← What does this mean? Rules for understanding irregular verbs in English.) and they sound very similar.

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1. All of the sentences below are grammatically viable, but only two involve making a purchase. Instructions: Select those two.

☐ i) He brought his ration coupons and swapped them for vegetables.
☐ ii) We were relieved when Max stopped and bought some food.
☐ iii) Until the advent of the Internet, he had bought a newspaper every day of his working life.
☐ iv) She brought her card and then everyone present signed their name on it.

ii) ... bought some food ii) ... bought a newspaper...
Why: Both these answers are the past of buy. NB: No 'r' in the spelling.

2. Insert the correct form of the appropriate verb. Is it buy or bring?
Tom _______ a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team, which was greatly appreciated.

Why: A person brings a wealth of knowledge (never buys)... and the past of bring is brought.

3. Which one of the following sentences suggests that money changed hands?
❍ i) I bought my lunch and then raced off to my lectures.
❍ ii) I brought my lunch and then raced off to my lecturers.

i) bought
Why: The first means to purchase my lunch (with money), the second means to carry it.

4. Insert the correct form of the appropriate verb. Should you choose the past form of 'buy' or 'bring'?
Last minute dealings _________ the company more time

Why: There was a note in the lesson about idiom using the word "buy"