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The spelling of these two words is very similar, and their pronunciation does not directly match their spelling, so students sometimes confuse 'loose' and 'lose'.

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1. Select the correct sentence from the options below.
❍ i) Many prisoners loose their minds in solitary confinement.
❍ ii) The jail bars were loose so he was able to escape.

ii) The jail bars were loose
Why: To *loose * your mind would be like saying it was released from your head. Loose is rarely used as a verb like this, and although grammatically it is possible, the meaning is bizarre. The second option is more plausible.

2. For each item, choose the correct word from the options provided.


Which one?


loose lose

Rhymes with snooze

He's been in training for months. There's no way he can _____ this.

We should make sure that the cap is not _____, otherwise they might be able to open it.

I didn't need the card - I paid with _______ change.

Rhymes with moose

lose | lose | loose | loose | loose
Why: 'Lose' rhymes with 'snooze' | 'lose' as a verb meaning 'not win' | 'loose' = 'not tight' | 'loose change' = coins randomly in pocket or purse (ie not tied to any purpose) | 'loose' rhymes with 'moose'.