Their | there | they're

Video: There, their, and they're from LDG Huddersfield (new tab). (Watching time: 50secs)

All three are pronounced the same when spoken, and this causes students to confuse them when writing.

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1. Select the correct word for each gap so that the sentences form a short narrative.

  they're there their
i) The people over ______ are crazy.
ii) _____ the sort of people who...
iii) ... would endanger ____ own friends.
iv) _____'s too much excitement for me!

i) there ii) They're iii) their iv) There
Why: 1. there meaning place or direction 2. 'They're' (They are) as sentence subject pronoun and verb (referring to the people who are crazy) 3. their for ownership — the friends belonging to them, and 4. 'There' as in There is — abstract meaning of there when the subject of the sentence appears after the verb 'is | are'. (See: Merriam Webster's explanation.)

2. Three of the following sentences are correct and one is incorrect. Select the three correct sentences
☐ i) Why are there so many errors? They're driving me crazy!
☐ ii) Ben wants to know if there busy tonight.
☐ iii) I don't think I can help them with all their problems.
☐ iv) Gosh, there are some strange students over there.

i) iii) iv)
Why: The incorrect sentence (ii) is wrong because there doesn't make sense - the sentence should say: Ben wants to know if they're (they are) busy tonight.

3. Select a sentence from below if it contains the idea of something belonging to some people.
☐ i) There are many things they may do.
☐ ii) There can be many consequences for their behaviour.
☐ iii) It's up to them. It's their choice.
☐ iv) There's going to be some trouble for them.

Why: The sentences that have their are the ones that make reference to ownership / belonging.

4. Type the words they're, their, there in the order that they correctly appear in the sentence below. (Put a single space between them).
____ they are! _____ so tied up in _______ own affairs that they didn't even see us.

there | they're | their
Why: there = signalling location | they're = subject (and verb) | their = ownership (the affairs belonging to them).