Whose | who's

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Because they sound so similar when speaking English, students often confuse whose and who's in their writing.

Complete the quiz items below to see if you have understood this lesson. Then click the blue arrow at the bottom of the page to check your answers.

Instructions: Hover or tap the questions below to see the reason for the answers given in the quiz.

1. The sentence below needs either who's or whose in the spaces provided. From the drop down box, choose the correct sentence.
Tell me, ______ mess is this and _____ going to clean it up?.

Whose | who's
Why: Who is responsible for this mess = Whose mess is it, and who is going to clean it up = who's.

2. Only one of the sentences below is correct. Select the correctsentence.
◻ i) Can you tell me whose been leaving the fridge door open?
◻ ii) Whose going to comfort me when I'm sad?
◻ iii) Who's shoes are those in the middle of the entrance way?
◻ iv) One teacher, whose students were very disruptive, decided to quit on the spot.

Why: i) and ii) are both questions asking about someone. They should be who has and who is respectively. But iii) is about responsibility... of the shoes. Therefore it should be whose. iv) is the only correct sentence.

3. Match who's to its possible meaning/s.


What does who's mean?

Who's =

◻ whose ◻ who has ◻ who is

who is | who has
Why: Who's is always a contraction that means either who is or who has.

4. Instructions: Insert either whose or who's into the textbox provided in order to correctly complete the sentence below.
_______ been using the toothpaste and left the lid off again!?

Why: Who's as part of a longer verb construction: Who has been using the toothpaste...