Stage 1: Grammar menu

These are the grammar topics that were tested in the Stage 1 PreQuiz.

Apostrophes 1
Indicating when something belongs to, or is associated with, someone.
Using colons for lists or quotations and for signalling evidence.
Parallel constructions
Providing consistency in your sentences when you are listing ideas of similar value.
Words that modify (influence the meaning of) another word, and what can happen if such words are in the wrong place.
When capitals are used for signalling names, organisations, events, and brands.
Separating describing words and making simple lists.
Subjects and objects of sentences - Me or I?
Can you ever say [someone] and me? Find out when.
Pronoun-antecedent agreement
There are rules around when you can use their, and when you must specify his or her.

Instructions: Hover or tap the questions below to see the relevant Stage 1 lessons for the items in the pre-quiz.

1.The Duchess of Cambridge actually came over and talked to three of my friends and ...
Is it me or I?

me ✔
Relevant Stage 1 lesson: Subjects and objects of sentences 1

2. I associate holidays with eating too much food, drinking more than is good for me and _____ old friends
What word should go in that space

seeing ✔ (or: meeting, visiting)
Relevant Stage 1 lesson: Parallel constructions 1

3. The guests fell into the pool with all their clothes on.
Select the sentence that indicates the guests did not fall.

The guests almost fell into the pool with all their clothes on. ✔
Relevant Stage 1 lesson: Modifiers 1

4. ... the Queen knighted my team and ____ for our contribution to cancer research.
Is it I or me?

me ✔
Relevant Stage 1 lesson: Subjects and objects of sentences 1

5. Select the false rule
Was it: Names of people and geographical locations * days of the week / months of the year * The word I in a sentence * names of organisations / brands.

The word I should only be a capital if it is the first word in a sentence ✔ ← This was the only false rule in the list.
Relevant Stage 1 lesson: Capitalisation 1

6. The strategy was crude and had only one purpose_ destroy the credibility of the presidential rivals
What punctuation goes between these clauses?

: ✔
Relevant Stage 1 lesson: Colons 1

7. Choose the sentence that uses commas correctly

My day has been exciting, stimulating and rewarding. ✔
My day has been exciting, stimulating, and rewarding. ✔
Relevant Stage 1 lesson: Commas 1

8. The only indicator that we have that a child is distressed is ________ behaviour.
Is it his, her, their, his or her, he or she

his or her ✔
Relevant Stage 1 lesson: Pronoun-antecedent agreement