Parallel constructions

YouTube video called Parallel structure | Syntax | Khan Academy (new tab). (Watching time: 5m:04secs)

Instructions: Hover or tap the questions below to see the reason for the answers given in the quiz.

1. I've looked everywhere including the cupboards, fridge and the garage shelves.
You can add, or remove, one word to make this sentence consistent. What is that word?

Why: Remove 'the' from garage shelves, or insert 'the' in front of the word 'fridge' to make the sentence consistent. (Note: Removing "the" entirely from the sentence would also work.)

2. To build the structures, engineers needed nothing more than a pencil, a ruler, some paper and several thousand slaves
Yes or no - is this sentence structurally consistent?

Why: Although the sentence does not used 'a' before all the items, it has used them appropriately. Note: Not all the words in this sentence take an 'a' (indefinite article) because they are either plural nouns or uncountable nouns.

3. Being fair is more important to Andrea than to be popular.
Make this sentence more consistent.

Being fair is more important to Andrea than being popular.
Why: This is the best choice of the three options offered, matching being [in this case, both are what is called a "gerund"].
(The other option that starts "To be fair..." is not as good because of the possible double meaning associated with the words "to be fair")

4. To evade capture the driver accelerated away, _[switch]_ off his lights, _[drive]_ into a gateway, _[stop]_ the car and _[sink]_ low into his seat.
Select the correct form of the verb for each of these gaps.

switched | drove | stopped | sank
Why: All of these verbs are in their past simple form.