Stage 2: Grammar menu

These are the grammar topics that were tested in the Stage 2 PreQuiz.

Apostrophes 2
Really get on top of the difference between its and its
Used for separating two independent clauses or separating items in a list-like sentence.
Parallel constructions 2
The advantages of having consistency in your sentences.
Modifiers 2
Avoiding ambiguity or double-meaning in your sentences
Capitals 2
When capitals are needed for people's titles
Capitals for book titles
Capitals with book titles
Commas and complex lists
When you are making a complex list, and how the placement of commas can change the meaning
Subjects and objects of sentences 2
Me, myself, and I: More about the difference between I and me

Instructions: Hover or tap the questions below to see the relevant Stage 2 lessons for the items in the pre-quiz

1. I saw two dwarves on the way to my grandmother's house
What does this sentence imply?

The dwarves were on their way to my grandmother's house ✔
Relevant Stage 2 lesson: Modifiers 2

2. You can call him tomorrow_ he will give you his answer then.
What punctuation should separate these clauses?

; ✔
Relevant Stage 2 lesson: Semi-colons

3. Which sentence has the correct apostrophe grammar?
Was it: Henries or yours * is this book her's * yours or Henry's * it's tail.

Is this book yours or Henry's? ✔
Relevant Stage 2 lesson: Apostrophes 2

4. I didn't come yesterday, but I should've
What is that final word?

have ✔
Relevant Stage 2 lesson: Apostrophes 2

5. I told the police that the intruder came up from the basement, jumped out the kitchen window and ...
Finish the sentence

...then ran down the street. ✔
Relevant Stage 2 lesson: Parallel structures 2

6. the board noted that doctor wood was an excellent doctor.
Fix the capitalisation.

The board noted that Doctor Wood was an excellent doctor. ✔
Relevant Stage 2 lesson: Capitalisation 2

7. Everyone was kept waiting for Brodie and ___ to untangle ourselves
Insert the correct word.

me ✔
Relevant Stage 2 lesson: Subjects and objects of sentences 2