Capitals 2

Video (from Youtube): How to know when to capitalize a word Howcast (new tab). (Watching time: 2m:13secs)

Instructions: Hover or tap the questions below to see the reason for the answers given in the quiz.

1. Titles of office, official positions and government departments must always be capitalised.
True or false

false ✔
Why: These are capitalised only in reference to specific people, positions or departments as named (either explicitly or implicitly).

2. michael joseph savage was the fourth new zealand prime minister to die while in office.
Correctly capitalise this sentence

Michael Joseph Savage was the fourth New Zealand prime minister to die while in office. ✔
Why: Michael Joseph Savage - person's name | New Zealand - name of country | prime minister - lower case because it refers to the general role of prime minister.

3. The succession process for becoming a pope is complicated and lengthy. Benedict became Pope in 2005.
Yes or no - is the punctuation of pope correct in this sentence?

Yes ✔
Why: The first refers only to the position of pope in general - no capital letter. The second needs a capital because there is only one pope so we know (implicitly) to which particular pope the phrase is referring - capital letter needed.

4. napoleon is still seen as one of the greatest commanders when compared with modern military strategists such as sir winston churchill, field marshall rommell and general eisenhower.
Which words need capitals?

Napoleon ✔ - person's name
Sir Winston Churchill ✔ ✔ - person's title and names
Field Marshall Rommell ✔ ✔ - person's title and name
General Eisenhower ✔ ✔ - person's title and name
Why: Names and titles all have capitals, general position titles/names do not.