Parallel Constructions 2

Video (from Youtube): Parallel structure or parallelism by Smrt English (new tab). (Watching time: 3m:35secs)

Instructions: Hover or tap the questions below to see the reason for the answers given in the quiz.

1.* Each morning, I spend most of my time moving the sheep, feeding the chickens, collect the eggs, and walking the dog. *
What word should you modify to correct this inconsistent sentence?

collecting ✔
Why: All the other verbs end in ~ing, so we need to be consistent with collecting.

2. My daughter is a versatile person in so many ways. *She is a pianist, dancer, and milks cows. *
There are three possible correct combinations

She milks cows and is a pianist and dancer. ✔Provide an independently appropriate verb to associate with each list, and join the two parts with a conjunction
She plays the piano, dances, and milks cows. ✔ Make the whole list a series of verbs
She is a pianist, dancer, and milker of cows ✔ Make the verb 'milk' into a kind of noun to match. This might be a bit odd and formal, but it is possible.
Remember: you are not bound to one solution.

3. I wish I were bigger, taller, and prettier
Yes or no - is this sentence consistent in its parallel structure?

Yes ✔
Why: In this case, the list items are all comparative constructions (words usually ending in ~er showing how one thing compares to another).

4. I've looked everywhere, including in the cupboards, fridge, and garage shelves.
Why is there a parallel problem with this sentence?

Preposition ✔
Why: One does not look in garage shelves, one looks on them.

4. Factors taken into consideration for the new urban plan must include containing noise pollution, dealing with water supply issues, and to ensure sufficient green space and parking.
Yes or no - is this sentence consistent in its parallel structure?

No ✔
Why: This sentence starts by using the [verb]~ing form but fails to use it consistently.