Stage 3: Grammar menu

These are the grammar topics that were tested in the Stage 3 PreQuiz.

Apostrophes 3
Apostrophes and possesion: Keeping track of who owns what in your sentence.
Disruptive and dangling modifiers
Disruptive modifiers interrupt the sentence when information is inserted between the verb and object. If a sentence has a dangling modifier, it is unclear what is being modified.
Capitals with acronyms
Acronyms are combinations of capital letters from the first letter of each word of a phrase. NZ is an acronym for New Zealand. They have some interesting quirks.
Commas 3
Using commas before joining words, and to identify non-essential information.
Who or which or that—relative clauses
Adding specifics about information in clauses with who or which or that.

Instructions: Hover or tap the questions below to see the relevant Stage 3 lesson for the items in the pre-quiz.

1. Instructions: Use the information in sentences i) and ii) below to complete the statement below.
i) The fish we bought last week was not very fresh.
ii) The fish in the market yesterday was much fresher.
Complete this statement: ______________ fish was fresher than last __________.

Yesterday's fish was fresher than last week's
Relevant Stage 3 lesson: Apostrophes 3

2. Instructions:Write a two-letter acronym for "New Zealand".

Relevant Stage 3 lesson: Capitals for acronyms

3. Sentence a) My son, who is a policeman, took the victims' statements.
Sentence b) My son who is a policeman took the victims' statements.
For each sentence above decide if I have one son, or more than one son?

Sentence a) one son Sentence b) more than one son
Relevant Stage 3 lesson: Who, which, or that — Relative clauses

4. Sentence: Emily was always the musician of the family, but it was her sister Helen who did the cooking.
Should this sentence have a comma?

Relevant Stage 3 lesson: Commas 3

5. Identify the disruptive information in this sentence.
Sentence: The wild kitten being cornered and frightened hissed and spat at the vet.

being cornered and frightened
Relevant Stage 3 lesson: Modifiers 3