Using apostrophes - Lesson 3

Video source: Advanced (plural) possession | featuring David and Paige | Khan academy. (Watching time: 4m:10secs).

Instructions: Hover or tap the questions below to see the reason for the answers given in the quiz.

1. What item belongs to Kenneth?
After Jane's party, Elizabeth found a pair of glassess under her bedside table that John said were Kenneth's.

a pair of glasses
Why: As you untangle this sentence you can see that Kenneth's name has an apostrophe that refers to something much earlier in the sentence. Sometimes the item may be in another sentence altogether, or even implicit.

2. Does this sentence need another apostrophe anywhere? Select True or False
The most visited paintings in the Louvre are Picasso and Van Gogh's.

More apostrophes needed because Picasso and Van Gogh are not a couple. True ✔
It should be Picasso's and Van Gogh's.True ✔
Why: If you were talking about mum and dad's house, only one apostrophe is needed because it is known that mum and dad are a couple. However, Picasso and Van Gogh are not linked together as an item, so they need an apostrophe each.

3. Select the most appropriate option to finish this sentence correctly.
Presently, there is a fascination with ______.
❍ 1980's fashions ❍ 1980s fashions ❍ '80's fashions ❍ 80s fashions

1980s fashions
Why: The 1980s is acting as an adjective here to describe the type of fashion. Adjectives do not take an apostrophe.

4. Select correct or incorrect
❍ the childrens' teacher ❍ too many apostophe's ❍ the teachers' staffroom ❍ the water's edge ❍ in the 1990's

the water's edge
the teachers' staffroom
the childrens' teacher
Too many apostrophe's
In the 1990's
Why: . "Children" is already plural, so the apostrophe goes before the 's
The plural of apostrophe is "apostrophes" ← no apostrophe in apostrophes
The 1990s is the span of years (plural) comprising the decade. This was a tricky one.