Thank you to all the people who have contributed towards the creation of these pronunciation exercises; especially to Caroline, Hazel, Liz & Mike who have been generous with their time and effort.

Content-creation, recording & evaluation:

  • Caroline White (Teacher, Pathways College)
  • Hazel Whitley (Teacher, Pathways College)
  • Liz Howell (Teacher Developer, Pathways College)
  • Kathryn Henderson (Teacher, Pathways College)
  • Joseph Ramanair (Teacher, Pathways College)
  • Maria Persson (Teacher, Pathways College)
  • Wendy Buchanan (Senior Teacher, Pathways College)
  • Biz Jens (Senior Teacher,Pathways College)
  • Carol Tebbutt (General English Coordinator, Pathways College)
  • Sue Beard-McGlone (Teacher, Pathways College)
  • Jim Fulton (Tutor, Student Learning)
  • Trish Strang (Senior Tutor, Student Learning)

Panopto support:

  • Stephen Harlow (eLearning Designer, WCEL Team)
  • Tracey Morgan (ICT Capability Developer, WCEL Team)

IT and web support:

  • Mike Bell (Manager, Professional & Organisational Development)
  • Joos Potter (Internet Systems Administrator, Waikato Web Team)
  • Victorio Burcio-Martin (Audio Visual Technician, ITS)


  • Victorio Burcio-Martin (Audio Visual Technician, ITS)
  • Robyn Aimer (Resource Centre Assistant, Pathways College)


  • Figures used from the Headway Pronunciation series, with permission from the publisher (Oxford University Press)

Thank you again to everyone who has contributed.

Menaka Ediriweera
Resource Centre Coordinator
Pathways College