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Library homepage

Visit the Library homepage as this is going to be your constant companion during your studies. Bookmark it so you can find it again easily.

Know what you can borrow and for how long

Check out the Library’s borrowing FAQs to find out how many books you can issue, how long you can have them for and how to renew.

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Follow us on Facebook. You’ll never know what you might find out! Or even ask us a question!

Find your course reading list

Check out your course reading list. (Note: Not all courses will have one.) You can find out more about how to search and use your reading list.

Advice from a student: I have attended the library tutorials on APA referencing, EndNote, and thesis writing, library search, databases, research commons, and software like Excel. Sometimes I went to the same tutorial more than once to help me to understand. I found the tutorials interesting and relevant to my studies, and I obtained lots of help. The subject librarian was really helpful!

Sign up for the VeRD (Virtual Reference Desk)

screencap of new moodle interface

The Virtual Reference Desk, or VeRD for short, is a great place to go for online help any time of the day or night. It’s like a library desk but without the librarian! It’s a collection of self-help topics, including information on finding resources and APA referencing.

But you need to add it to your Moodle paper listings before you’ll be able to see the topics. Go to Moodle, then click on Library > Virtual Reference Desk and finally click on the button that reads “Add this paper to my Moodle paper listings” (NB: you might have to scroll; sometimes the link is below the bottom of the screen). Now you’ll see it on your dashboard every time you enter Moodle.