Help with technology

This resource is a collection of YouTube videos and other resources to help you with the technology tools you may need as part of your study.


Guides to help you use Moodle, from accessing paper resources to submitting assignments


Video conferencing


Video recording tool


Guides to help you use Turnitin similarity reports and view feedback.

closeup of qwerty keyboard with white keys

Word processing

Videos with information on how to format essays and other types of assignments

computer screen showing graphs and tables generated by spreadsheet


Common Excel functions, and Google sheets

students in a classroom listening to another student's seminar


Basic PowerPoint guides, and how to make Prezi presentations.

laptop with unknown company logo on its screen sitting on a table in a large brick room

Desktop publishing

The basics of making your own publications, even if you don't have a graphics background.

Podcasts and video

Podcasts and video

‘How to’ guides for online tools for assignments that require you to make and edit video