ePortfolios and Mahara

An ePortfolio is a collection of digital artefacts (such as Powerpoint slides, images, text or videos) which show evidence of skills and learning. Eportfolios may be used for assignments, or can be created as an extended CV to show learning and progress over multiple years of study.

Free ePortfolio options for students at the University of Waikato:

  • Mahara - a specialised ePortfolio software
  • Google Sites - and other general web page creation tools

Work created in these platforms can be shared outside the university system via special URL links.


To access Mahara, see the Mahara logging on page.

To access Google Sites:

  1. Log in to the University website to go to your Student Portal, then in the Quick Links menu select any Google tool (e.g. Gmail, Calendar or Drive).

    student portal quick links
  2. At the top right of any Google tool, select the Google Apps button (nine dots in a square).

    google waffle menu
  3. Select the Sites icon.
    google sites icon

    Note: Instructions on how to use Google Sites are available from Google support

Mahara help

We have created some step-by-step instructions for the most common Mahara tasks people ask us about. Please let us know if there are other step-by-step instructions you would like us to create.