Word processing with Microsoft Word or Google docs

The different video resources for this theme can be accessed by clicking on the required link below.

Microsoft Word pages

Indents and tabs
Using the ruler for indenting paragraphs, and creating tabs.
Setting margins
Ruler techniques and how to use the margin settings on the ribbon.
Complex page layouts
Mirrored pages, section breaks and other layout features.
Different first page headers
with a twist - different first page, different odd and even pages.
Page formatting
Page numbering, page breaks, and page sections.
Cover pages
how to inserting a cover page into your document (30 second video).
Automatic table of contents
Useful for longer documents and research reports

Google docs pages

Hanging indent in Google Drive
How to prepare a hanging indent for your reference list.
Google Drive Quick reference (630KB)
Instructions on the basic functions of Google drive.
How to use Google+ Hangouts (1MB)
What to do when you have a video consultation in Google Hangouts.

Macrons and Māori language tools

Macrons and Māori language tools
How to install the Māori keyboard, use alt codes, and find macrons on macs and apples. (Bonus: there is a Māori language compatible keypad for mobiles, and links to some good language apps)